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Welcome to the MEV Originals Home Page  .. You will find:

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Latest Update 06/21/2024: Catching up on orders in June/July so not accepting new orders at the moment.

Latest Update 04/25/2024: Taking orders again. Limit of TWO American finished cars .. unlimited on all else. 5 new cars available:.

Update 11/26/2023: The 40 Ford is ready. 62 Cadillac up next.

Update 09/25/2023: Will be taking orders again. Still limiting only finished cars to three. Also check out the new models I should have ready by the Richfield Oh show in late October Here

Update 06/09/2023: Catching up on orders in June so not accepting new orders at the moment. Also will be concentrating on new models in July

Update 02/28/2023: Three new cars! 56 Imperial, 64 Marauder, 66 Impala. More to come very soon. We will have finished in box cars ready to go this weekend. Website will be updated to allow them to be ordered again. Limit 3 on Finished in box cars .. all others no limits

Update 06/12/2022: Limited cars currently being offered as we are still catching up. I have Kits and GT cars available for purchase and the NEW Scarab MK2 ready to go

Update 04/09/2022: We are temporarily not taking on NEW orders for the rest of April. Any orders that we currently have will continue as normal. Also this time will be used for prep of cars for the Richfield OH show which I will be at on Apr 24th. I will also have three new models at that show and then release them here when we start taking new orders:

Update 08/08/2021: We are back to processing orders! Keep in mind we are limiting several things:.

Also I have a peek at the newest cars we will have out soon here Here

Update 06/06/2021: We are temporarily not taking on NEW orders for the rest of June and July. Any orders that we currently have will continue as normal. For the prior 14 months we have been extremely busy and have depleted some of our backup stock and parts. We are going to spend this time to catch back up. We will also spend this time working on new models.

Update 12/20/2020: I have finally been able to release the next 3 cars:

Update 8/9/2020: No new cars this time but gave the website a long overdue refresh. Everything behaves very similar but has more of a modern feel and works better on a mobile device.

Update 5/13/2020: It has been busier than ever since we entered this new world we need to navigate in. I suppose toys are a good comfort because sales are almost double from last year. Stay safe out there! I have been able to carve out sometime to list the latest 3 cars:

Update 4/14/2019: A 71 GTO and a Mclaren MK2 are ready. Well will have an additional one in a couple of weeks. Also note I will be at the Spring 2019 Richfield show

Update 12/23/2018: Three new cars ready to go. Also a big thanks to Don Gehrig for the master to the TR6 in order to add to our lineup. Please note we had to discontinue several cars for various reasons.

Update 9/23/2018: 14 cars in the works! Should have several out this fall.   See them Here

Update 3/11/2018: Lets add some more cars. 72 Firebird rounds out the Firebirds Quintet. Also the 49 Plymouth is available

Update 12/8/2017: New cars are ready! Four of the five Firebirds and the Torino:

Update 10/15/2017: We are almost ready for the Fall/Winter new cars.  See them Here . I will be attending the Richfield Ohio show Oct 29 2017. The Firebirds, Torino and the Truck will be there.

Update 2/19/2017: Three cars are now available.  We will be trying to introduce at least 8 new cars this year.  Also I will be attending the Baltimore show in March. Here are the first three:

Update 12/22/2016: We didn't quite make 2016 for the new cars but they are almost ready.  Here is a quick peek.  We will be at Bob Beers show in Feb and should have at least four of them done.

Update 02/21/2016: New cars are finally here.  We now have:

Cars on the list this year include a 51 Chevy, 64 Mercury, 59 Lark, 71 Firebird, 70&72 Torino plus several GT cars.

Update 09/27/2015: Show update - We will be at the Richfield Ohio Oct 25th show -AND- will also be at the Midwest show on Nov 8th.  The 59 Lincoln and the 57 Buick will make their debut.  The Caprice is still another 2 months out (Hope to have it by Christmas) 

Update 05/11/2015: Busier than we thought we would be this spring (Good thing I guess!).  I was able to finish the following cars with the remaining prototypes to come out later in the year.  Here is what is currently available:

Update 11/30/2014: I wont quite make Christmas but I will have at least 4 of these 6 ready for Bobs Super Bowl Sunday show on Feb 2015.  See them here.

Update 3/2/2014: The 4 cars have finally made it to production:

Update 1/12/2014: We are very close now with the next four cars.  See pictures here and here.  I will be at Bob Beers Super Bowl Sunday show Feb 2nd. We will have those four cars ready to go there.  Will release on the website in the following weeks.

Update 5/27/2013: The first 4 cars are ready to go.  Other should follow sometime during the summer:

Update 4/7/2013: The next batch of cars are about a month away.  We will be at the Richfield OH show this April with several of these available. Take a look at the prototype pictures here.

Update 11/12/2012: We are going to be picking up the pace next year with more new cars.  Some prototype pictures here.  New ones currently ready are:

Update 11/27/2011: These cars are ready to go:

Update 10/16/2011: Prototype pictures are available here.  These cars will be ready in early November.  We will be at the Oct 30th Richfield OH show with some of these finished along with all our other stock:

Update 12/2/2010: Long awaited update with several surprises.  We have:

Update 2/14/2010:  How about 4 new cars and 3 prototypes here!

Update 8/09/2009:  We have 4 new cars ready to go.  We also have updated the interactive order form to allow quicker and easier car/color selection.  If you have any problems with the form (or a comment) please email us at  Please also check out the MEV open cockpit racer modeling contest at partspig.  I will supply the body at a discount price of $13 .. just email separately for this price.  Also we have the American street cars in kit form again for a limited time but we are currently out of the NOS chassis.  Anyhow .. here are the new cars:

Update 2/08/2009:  I have 3 all new cars and 3 new two tones.  I also have several cars waiting in the wings which should be released early in the spring time.  See them here

Update 6/27/2008:  It has been a while but we have more cars:

Update 11/04/2007:  We are ready to go with the following:

Unfortunately the chassis prices have climbed to $10 due to availability.  Also the American street kits have been suspended.

Update 10/21/2007:  Running a bit behind but the following will be released in the next two weeks:

If all goes well .. I'll have a good selection of the above cars at Richfield on Oct 28th.

Update 9/3/2007:  Gearing up for the fall season.  Lets start by listing some long awaited prototypes here.  We should have at least 5 of these ready to go in early Oct.  Unfortunately the kit options will end in Oct when I list the next group of new cars.  We plan on being in Richfield OH for Brads show in late Oct.

Update 1/28/2007:  We have been busy but the time has come .. new models ready to go.  'The Latest' has all the new offerings.  The kit option is available for the new models and will continue at least into the spring.  We'll be at the Super Bowl Sunday show in NY as well.

Update 9/9/2006:  Several changes/updates to the site:

Kits are $15 each and can be ordered on the site along with the production cars (choose option 'C' under selection B)

Update 5/8/2006:  We have 4 new cars for this update.  Although there will be the following right around the corner: '55 Chevy Pickup, '50 Nash, '68 Barracuda top-up convertible, '60 Edsel, '59 Olds, '57 Pontiac and a '50 dodge Pickup.  Also look for ten new stock cars in about two weeks.  Without further ado .. these are the four that are ready:

Update 1/13/2006:  We have 3 new cars ready to go plus several drag and stock cars this time around.  We will be in NY on Superbowl Sunday at Bob Beer's show.  The cars that are ready now:

Update 10/09/2005:  We now have 6 of the new cars ready to go.  You can see these (plus one or two more) and all our other cars at the fall shows we will be attending.  Look for us in NY on Oct 16th, Richfield on Oct 30th and Chicago on Nov 13th.  The cars that are ready now:

Update 07/24/2005:  A long needed prototype update is here.  Cars will start rolling out in August.  I want to thank all who have sent their best wishes as I recovered from my recent illness/surgery.  I'm back and feeling great and virtually all caught up with past orders.

Update 02/10/2005:  This is just a price/inventory update.  Please note after 7 years of having the NOS tjet chassis price at $6 .. I finally need to raise it to $8.  All other prices remain the same.  I also have discontinued the '68 mevCyclone and '68 mevMustFstbk.  Only the decals for these cars are available in regards to the stock cars and drag cars associated with these bodies.  Please come back soon .. we will have the more exciting prototype update!

Update 09/27/2004:  One more original body and one more stock car listed under the latest  -plus-  WE NEED YOUR HELP.  I'm trying to model all 59 cars that ran in the 1959 Daytona 500 and do not have all the info to do it.  I'm paying/crediting any individuals that can help!  Please go to for details.

Update 09/19/2004:  We have 5 new cars for this update listed under the 'Latest' link to the left. Come next week and we'll roll out even more.  We'll be at Richfield OH (Oct 24th) and the Chicago show (Nov 14th).  Also .. please note that we can be reached at as well.

Update 06/20/2004:  The Previews are ready!  Looking like 6-8 weeks and they will all be ready! Click here to see them.

Update 05/02/2004:  How about another four new cars. Still working on those prototype shots.   For you Pickup fans and Racer fans .. there is something  also coming very soon!

Update 03/18/2004:  Added 9 more Vintage stock cars. Enjoy!  Prototype shots are coming soon of more new cars.  Don't forget .. we'll be in Chicago at the Matteson Holiday Inn this weekend (3/20-3/21).. see you there.

Update 02/05/2004:  Major update!  We've done the following:

What's happening for 2004 you may ask.  Big things are planned.  We will do a ten year (one each year) Mopar group which will include the following cars: '59 Desoto; '60 Plymouth; '61 Valiant; '62,'63,'64 Plymouth; '65 Coronet;  '66 Charger; '67 Cuda top-up-conv; '68 Coronet,  They will rollout all year in no specific order.  Also look for a '58 Ford; '57 Bel-air; '57 Olds; '61 Pontiac.  We'll be in Chicago for the Mar 21st Dolton show and NY for the April 4th Long Island show as well as Richfield at the end of April.

Update 10/31/2003:  More Prototypes .. here .  Look for us at the Chicago (Dolton) show on Nov 9th.

Update 09/17/2003:  mevCorvair for '61 is ready.  Also added several Drag and Stock cars!   You can also purchase any set of decals we have on any of our cars for $3 a set.  The decals are currently not on the order form but you can email us separately in the meantime.  Also come back shortly for a bunch of prototype photos including:

Update 08/05/2003:  mevFordMirage makes its appearance!   Will be adding Drag cars, decals and tons of new thumbnail pictures to the site very soon.   The '61 mevCorvair is only weeks away ..

Update 06/15/2003:  Ready with the '65 mevImpalaMore to come very soon.  Also .. If anyone was having a problem paying by Paypal from this site due to having high security settings turned on .. that problem has been fixed.

Update 05/07/2003:  Just recovering from a busy show season and now got a chance to update the site.  The '60 mevStarliner is already along with a new drag car .. a '68 Cobra Jet.  The '65 Impala is ready but we don't have decent amount of stock built up so I'll be releasing that car in about 2-1/2 weeks.  Although, I do have more prototypes shots here of the cars coming very soon.   We'll be back shortly with another update!

Update 03/24/2003: The '67 mevShelbyGT350 is ready and is rolling out as a '60s Racer!  We also have some more vintage Stock cars on hand. The immediate future looks bright with a bonus '60 mevStarliner followed immediately by a '65 mevImpala (prototype shots here) rolling out in April. The '61 mevCorvair and '60s mevFordMirage will follow shortly after that around June.  We now have the Drag car 'itch' and will be rolling out 5 to 6 more of those by June as well!  Also, to help us manage our ever growing inventory .. we have discontinued two of our older cars: '61 mevTbird and the '66 mevGTO

Update 11/16/2002: We are now ready to present the latest 3 cars ('62 mevBel-air Wagon, '61 mevGMC truck and the '57 mevFord) along with 2 bonus Drag cars!  Next up:

We're hoping to start rolling these out early next year.

Update 10/11/2002:  We have the final 3 of the 7 prototype cars ready ('62 mevBel-air Wagon, '61 mevGMC truck and the '57 mevFord) however we won't be able to offer them on the website at this time.  Due to significant volume we won't be able to produce enough of them to satisfy demand at the moment.  We will have 8 or so of each at the NY, Ohio, and Chicago shows for sale.   Look for them around Nov 11th on the website.

Update 9/17/2002:  We keep rolling .. 2 new American classics (an mevBonneville and an mevElcamino .. both '60) and 2 new stock cars.

Update 8/30/2002: We are ready with D-Type Jag (Racer series) and an orphan car .. '53 mevPackard.  Others will follow every 2 weeks.  Also .. for you Netscape 4.0 users .. we've retro-fitted the site to work with that browser.

Update 7/7/2002: 7 of the 10 cars are just about ready for release.  Check here for prototype shots.  These cars start rolling out late August and all will be ready for the fall show lineup!

Update 3/22/2002: Keeping busy as always!  I've finally been able to get the site updated with my latest cars: mevCountryWgn ('59 Model) along with a Police Paddy Wagon version.  I've added another muscle car as well: mevDart for '71.  I have about 10 new cars in various states of completion and will roll them out as soon as possible.  Stay tuned for prototype photos ...

Update 12/30/2001: The mevFord-MKIV is finished!  This car has side open windows for ease of oiling and a little more side chassis clearance than the other models.  Cool silver stripe on this model if ordered assembled.  I also have some more sneak peeks of more cars to come right here.

Update 12/2/2001: The mevLolaT70-MKIII has made it to production.  We're running behind on the Ford GT-MKIV but should have it out before years end along with a '71 mevDart and a bonus '59 mevFairlane wagon.  The colors have also gotten an overhaul.  New colors:

See you at Bob Beers show on December 23rd.

Update 11/1/2001: The '60 mevBiscayne is ready to go!  We'll have 2 new racer's out very shortly .. check here for sneak peeks.  We'll also be introducing 7 new colors to our line up that will represent the early 60's/late '50s cars closer to original 1:1 production colors.

Update 8/5/2001: The Mini's for our new 'Racer' series are finished!  Also in production is the 64 mevGalaxie. Furthermore, I've updated many of the older model's photos with new photos. Glass tolerance on all the models has been improved as well with a batch of new molds for the glass (quality just keeps improving!)

Update 6/24/2001: The 58 mevFury is ready!  Check the 'latest' section for pictures. We also have the rear tuff one's '60s stock rims in chrome now in production. And how about a sneak peek at the anticipated Mini Cooper.

Update 5/20/2001: We're ready with the first two racers!  They will be the mevFerr330p4 and Rally mevCorvair.   Expect more 'Racer' releases about every 2 months.  Also, the 59 mevElectra Wagon is in production.

Update 4/17/2001: Big News!  We're introducing a new 'Racer' line that are designed to fit on short non-modified tjet chassis.  They are low but lowerable, reinforced around the screw posts and above the rear wheels, one piece w/glass insert and the best part $15 unassembled -or- $18 assembled.  Of course I will stick with my 'original' theme and make my own designs.  I also have several new cars almost ready for my classic american line as well.  See how we are coming here

Update 2/11/2001: The 64 mevRamcharger and 64 mevPolara stock cars are now ready.. In a month or so I will have sneak peeks of my next 6 new models (2 of which are bonuses not on my 'coming soon' list!)

Update 12/11/2000: New pictures of the 63 mevNova Wagon. The mevHurstOlds-68 is now only available in factory Silver w/black. You will also find a NEW worksheet/shopping list page that will keep track of all items you would like to purchase. Come back soon for my next custom cars .. 64 mevRamcharger and 64 mevPolara stock cars! BONUS .. All car purchases starting 01/01/2001 will include the special packaging/labeling for free!

Update 9/9/2000: New cars are ready! They are:

I also have a '63 mevNova wagon as a 'bonus car'. Although this won't be ready until late Oct. A vast collection of stock cars is now available! Fourteen in all (please see 'stock cars' below 'the latest' on the contents frame). I will be at the NJ show on Sept 24th where I will debut all the cars and will start taking orders for those cars starting then as well. I will also be in NY at Bob Beer's show on Oct 1st. See ya there!

Update: 6/29/2000: Sneak peek pictures of the new cars .

Update: 4/1/2000: All new pictures of the customs, printable color catalog, alternative url ( and 4 new customs:

Update: 1/28/2000: It 's time for some new cars .. how about:

These cars will debut at Bob Beers Superbowl Sunday Show. They will be ready for order the second week of Feb. I have taken new photos of all my currently available customs, too. Enjoy!

Update: 10/12/99: The '59 mevRanchro is now ready. I'll be at Brad Bennet's show this weekend (Oct 17)! I'll have some mevDart GTS's and some Yenko mevCorvairs on display along with a good supply of all my stock. Look for new photos of the cars later this fall since I'm getting a new camera.


Update: 9/20/99: The '62 mevWildcat and '69 mevDart are ready to go. The '59 mevRanchero will be ready in a week. See you all this fall at the shows!

Update 4/4/99: I have moved! My street address has changed. NEW ADDRESS:

3458 Mill Bridge Dr.

Marietta, GA 30062.

Old and new addresses are being used for April.


I'll be at Bob Beers Super show on April 11th and Ohio (Richfield) on April 18th.


Update 3/14/99: The '66 mevCorvair and '58 mevCaddy are finished and will debut March 21st at Dolton. Photos are also available under 'latest'. I have a bonus car also ready to go .. a '59 mevEl-Camino!


Update 1/15/99: The '71 chev truck is finished and pictured. I also added the missing photos from the tjet shrine (flamethrowers, sandvan, snowmobile). The '66 mevCorvair and '58 mevCaddy will be added in Feb. The cars will debut at Dolton (Chicago) show on March 21st.


Update 10/13/98: Thank you all for being patient. I wanted to get the update done last month or so. Anyway .. many changes:

  1. Incredible new Resin .. yields more vibrant colors,extreme durability and mirror finishes.
  2. New cars listed: '59 mevElectra, '59 mevImpala, '58 mevEdsel, and '71 mevMonte.
  3. New Customs!
  4. New logo and backgrounds!