MEV Originals has been in business since 1995. My roots started in tjet racing back in the early 70s which grow into collecting in the early 80s to  tjet body repair in the early 90s to  serious resin casting where we are today. Our goal is to introduce only high quality 'never before made' tjet models as often as we can. These are cars "Aurora would have been proud of". The scales range from 1/72 to about 1/80 (each one is about 2.5 inches long). which is considered 'HO' in the slot car world.

      Our products take many hours of work before they enter production. Accuracy and proportion is carefully focused upon. The following describes our products:

All Vehicles:

Racer Series (Rcr) also have:

American Street Vehicles -Kits- (when available) contain:

Assembled American Street Vehicles also have:

Assembled Vehicle detailing:

Recommended Chassis Options: