M.E.V Originals
* Thunderjet bodies Aurora would have been proud of *
Wheels - Cost: $3 per listed group; Color: Lug Style in 22 colors/chrome
MVW2 MEV Rims      MVW3 Vincent Rims
GT Racers of the 50s/60s - Cost: $15/unfinished; $18/finished; Color: 20 colors
MVr1 60s mevFerr330P4 Body      MVr2 60s mevRallyCorvair Body
MVr3 60s mevMiniCooper S Body      MVr4 60s mevLola T70 MK3 Body
MVr5 60s mevFord MKIV Body      MVr6 50s mevDType Jag Body
MVr7 60s mevShelbyGT350 Body      MVr8 60s mevFordMirage Body
MVr9 60s mevChaparral2D Body      MVr10 60s mevAustinHealey Body
MVr12 50s mevCType Jag Body      MVr13 50s mevTriumph TR3 Body
MVr14 60s mevMaserati Tipo Body      MVr15 60s mevAston Martin Body
MVr16 60s mevMGA Body      MVr17 50s mevFerrari 166MM Body
MVr18 50s mevPorsche 550 Body      MVr19 60s mevLotus 11 Body
MVr20 60s mevAlfa Romeo GTS Body      MVr21 60s mevScarab Body
MVr22 60s mevTriumph TR4 Body      MVr23 50s mevMercedes 300SL Body
MVr24 60s mevSpitfire Body      MVr25 50s mevFerrMonza750 Body
MVr27 50s mevCunninghamC5R Body      MVr29 60s mevMclaren MK2 Body
MVr30 60s mevAustinHealey Sprite Body      MVr32 60s mevScarab MKII Body
GT Racers of the 70s/+ - Cost: $15/unfinished; $18/finished; Color: 20 colors
MVr28 70s mevTriumph TR6 Body      MVr31 70s mevPorsche 914 Body
MVr11 70s mevLotusEuropa Body      MVr33 70s mevMustang75 II Body
MVr26z 70s mevFirebird72TA Body      MVr26y 70s mevFirebird74TA Body
MVr26x 70s mevFirebird76TA Body      MVr26w 70s mevFirebird78TA Body
MVr26v 80s mevFirebird80TA Body
Pickups - Cost: $44/1; Color: 20 colors
MV59 51 mevDodge Pickup Body      MV52 55 mevSuburban Body
MV52x 55 mevChevy Pickup Body      MV69 59 mevChevy Pickup Body
MV68 60 mevF100 Pickup Body      MV100 60 mevDodge Pickup Body
MV31 61 mevGMC Pickup Body      MV78x 65 mevElCamino Body
MV53 66 mevF100 Pickup Body      MV12 69 mevF150 Pickup Body
MV96x 70 mevRanchero Pickup Body      MV19 71 mevChev Pickup Body
Station Wagons - Cost: $44/1; Color: 20 colors
MV23y 58 mevBrookwood Wgn Body      MV16y 59 mevElectra Wgn Body
MV14y 59 mevCountry Wgn Body      MV17y 59 mevParkwood Wgn Body
MV35y 61 mevLakewood Wgn Body      MV3y 62 mevBel-air Wgn Body
MV5y 63 mevNova Wgn Body      MV24y 64 mevDodge440 Wgn Body
50s Classic American fare - Cost: $44/1; Color: 20 colors
MV107 40 mevFord Body      MV76 49 mevFord Body
MV97 49 mevPlymouth Body      MV57 50 mevNash Body
MV95 51 mevChevy Body      MV98 51 mevHudson Body
MV66 53 mevChevy Body      MV29 53 mevPackard Body
MV84 55 mevTbird Body      MV102 56 mevChrysler300 Body
MV110 56 mevDelRay Body      MV106 56 mevImperial Body
MV91 57 mevBuick Body      MV72 57 mevMercury Body
MV43 57 mevBel-air Body      MV43x 57 mevChevy150 Body
MV32 57 mevFairlane500 Body w/Cove;      MV88 57 mevDodge Body w/Cove;
MV58 57 mevPontiac Body      MV83 58 mevPontiac Body w/Cove;
MV23 58 mevBel-air Body      MV20 58 mevCaddy Body
MV18 58 mevEdsel Body w/Cove;      MV48 58 mevFairlane Body
MV67 59 mevPlymouth Body      MV94 59 mevLark Body
MV90 59 mevLincoln Body      MV16 59 mevElectra Body
MV14 59 mevFairlane Body      MV36 59 mevBonneville Body
MV38 59 mevTBird Body      MV50 59 mevDeSoto Body
MV63 59 mevOlds Body
60s Classic American fare - Cost: $44/1; Color: 20 colors
MV73 60 mevBelvedere Body      MV33 60 mevStarliner Body
MV60 60 mevEdsel Body      MV27 60 mevBiscayne Body
MV30 60 mevBonneville Body      MV13 61 mevStarliner Body
MV54 61 mevBel-air Body      MV49 61 mevValiant Body
MV77 61 mevTempest Body      MV35 61 mevCorvair700 Body
MV109 61 mevStarfire Body      MV41 61 mevCatalina Body
MV8 62 mevCatalina Body      MV5 62 mevNova Body
MV108 62 mevCaddy Body      MV22 62 mevWildcat Body
MV39 62 mevGalaxie Body      MV40 62 mevSavoy Body
MV37 63 mevCatalina Body      MV45 63 mevBelvedere Body
MV62 63 mevImpala Body      MV65 63 mevMarauder Body
MV26 64 mevGalaxie Body      MV46 64 mevSavoy Body
MV86 64 mevImperial Body      MV103 64 mevMarauder Body
MV89 64 mevFalcon Body      MV34 65 mevImpala Body
MV47 65 mevCoronet Body      MV78 65 mevChevelle Body
MV70 65 mevCatalina Body      MV85 65 mevSkylark GS Body
MV87 65 mevCaddy Body
60s American Muscle - Cost: $44/1; Color: 20 colors
MV44 66 mevCharger Body      MV105 66 mevImpala Body
MV55 66 mevMarlin Body      MV11 66 mevCorvair Body
MV81 67 mevFury Body      MV92 67 mevBiscayne Body
MV7 68 mevOlds442 Body w/B Stripe;      MV56 69 mevCuda Top Up Body w/Top;
MV21 69 mevDart Body      MV4 70 mevCoronet S/B Body w/Stripe;
MV61 70 mevRoadrunner Body w/Stripe;      MV71 70 mevCaddy Body
MV96 70 mevTorino Body      MV74 70 mevCyclone Body
MV28 70 mevDart Body      MV10 71 mevMonte Carlo Body
MV99 71 mevGTO Body      MV104 72 mevLincolnMKIV Body
Custom Muscle - Cost: $90/1; Color: 20 colors
MV7a 68 mevHurst Olds Body w/Silver/Black only;      MV21a 69 mevDart GTS Body w/Stripe;
MV4a 70 mevCoronet R/T Body w/C Stripe;
Vintage Stock Cars - Cost: $90/1; $3/Decals Only
MVst57ja 57 Johnny Allen Body      MVst57cg 57 Charlie Griffith Body
MVst58st 58 Speedy Thompson Body      MVst58co 58 Cotton Owens Body
MVst59js 59 Jack Smith Body      MVst59jw 59 Joe Weatherly Body
MVst59bb 59 Buck Baker Body      MVst59bw 59 Bob Welborn Body
MVst59jr 59 Jim Reed Body      MVst59jj 59 Junior Johnson Body
MVst59el 59 Elmo Langley Body      MVst59rw 59 Rex White Body
MVst59fr 59 Fireball Roberts Body      MVst59lp 59 Lee Petty Body
MVst59jb 59 Johnny Beauchamp Body      MVst59tp 59 Tom Pistone Body
MVst60fl 60 Fred Lorenzen Body      MVst60rw 60 Rex White Body
MVst60fr 60 Fireball Roberts Body      MVst60jw 60 Joe Weatherly Body
MVst61ns 61 Nelson Stacy Body      MVst61fr 61 Fireball Roberts Body
MVst61fl 61 Fred Lorenzen Body      MVst61ct 61 Curtis Turner Body
MVst62fl 62 Fred Lorenzen Body      MVst62fr 62 Fireball Roberts Body
MVst62co 62 Cotton Owens Body      MVst62pg 62 Paul Goldsmith Body
MVst62bj 62 Bobby Johns Body      MVst62rw 62 Rex White Body
MVst62nj 62 Ned Jarrett Body      MVst62re 62 Ralph Earnhardt Body
MVst62dp 62 David Pearson Body      MVst63bb 63 Buck Baker Body
MVst64bi 64 Bobby Isaac Body      MVst64dp 64 David Pearson Body
MVst64jp 64 Jim Paschal Body      MVst64fl 64 Fred Lorenzen Body
MVst64fr 64 Fireball Roberts Body      MVst64mp 64 Marvin Panch Body
MVst64jj 64 Junior Johnson Body      MVst64nj 64 Ned Jarrett Body
MVst65dp 65 David Pearson Body      MVst66dp 66 David Pearson Body
MVst66bi 66 Bobby Isaac Body      MVst66ly 66 LeeRoy Yarbro' Body
Special Vintage Stock Car Decals - Cost: $3/Decal sheet
MVst68ly 68 LeeRoy Yarbro'      MVst68bp 68 Benny Parsons
MVst68dp 68 David Pearson      MVst71cy 71 Cale Yarborough
MVst71ba 71 Bobby Allison      MVst00sp Sponsor Decals
MVdr68cj 68 Cobra Jet
Vintage Drag Cars - Cost: $90/1; $3/Decals Only
MVdr60aw 60 Ace Wilson Body      MVdr62mm 62 Melrose Missile Body
MVdr62ds 62 Dave Strickler Body      MVdr62dn 62 Don Nicholson Body
MVdr62hp 62 Hayden Proffitt Body      MVdr62dg 62 Don Gay Body
MVdr64hw 64 Hemi-Wagon Body      MVdr64dl 64 Dick Landy Body
MVdr64gc 64 Golden Commando Body
Yenko - Cost: $90/1; Color: Authentic coloring
MVye66co 66 mevCorvair Yenko Body w/Red/Black;White/Blue;Blue/White;
Utility Vehicles - Cost: $90/1; Color: Limited
MV29y 53 Ambulance/Hearse Body w/White;Red;Black;      MV20y 58 Ambulance/Hearse Body w/White;Red;Black;
MV14c 59 Police/Fire Body w/Black/White;White/Black;Blue/white;Red/white;      MV14d 59 Paddy Wagon Body w/Black/White;White/Black;Blue/white;
MV51 59 Checker Taxi Body w/Yellow;
Classic Two Tones - Cost: $90/1; Color: 20 colors
MV23yt 58 mevBrookwood 2Tone Body w/Tone;      MV16t 59 mevElectra 2Tone Body w/Tone;
MV14t 59 mevFairlane 2Tone Body w/Tone;      MV17t 59 mevImpala 2Tone Body w/Tone;

Cars include chrome bumpers, glass and details*
Less than 100 of each model produced a year*
Packaged in clear cases w/yellow ID retro label*
All bodies come with screws 'worked-in'
Most orders shipped within 6 weeks (S/H is free in US!)
Payment: MO, check -or- credit card w/paypal.com 
E-mail: mev@tjets.com   Colors: Tjet/Mev >>>>>
*-except Racers