Vincent Rims from Germany

These are high quality injection molded rims of wheel styles throughout Europe and the US. They fit standard tjet/AFX/Tyco/JL rear axles. Several though don't have axle pass throughs so the axle may need to be trimmed to get the wheel against the chassis. I carry different depths of rims (see chart below). Depth E can use standard AFX/Tyco rear tires while A/B depths require a special tire which I now carry. The BBS style is the fanciest (and most expensive) since it has a beautiful photo etched insert added to the center of the rim (BBS are ordered in pairs .. all others are ordered in sets of 4)

Depth ADepth BDepth E
Total Height5/32"5/32"1/4"
Top Diameter9/32"9/32"9/32"
    Alum = Aluminum Buff finish
    Chr = Chrome plated Finish

Alpina    ATS    Alufelge
BBS    Corvette    Cromoda
Fuchsfelge    L. Stahl    Lotus
*Please note tires available at the end of the wheels selection list*
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